French Clothing brands

For centuries, France has been a major country when it comes to style and fashion, along with Italy, USA, UK and Japan, to name a few.

French fashion became prominent from the 16th century, when artistic development in France reached its acme.The fashion has been an important industry and cultural idiosyncrasy of France since the seventeenth century.

Today, Paris, along with New York City, London and Milan, is considered as one of the world’s fashion capitals, and the city is home to many of the main fashion houses. Among the most famous French clothing brands : Chanel, Dior, Yves Saint Laurent, Christian Lacroix, Céline, Givenchy, Hermès, Vuitton, Jean-Paul Gaultier…

But French fashion isn’t only about prestigious fashion houses. A lot of French fashion brands, with both high-end and mid-range clothes, have gained worldwide recognition in the fashion industry those last few years, for they reshape contemporary ready-to-wear. All over the world, people appreciate their creativity, and their ability to epitomize a certain sort of Parisian fashion-think: chic, edgy and boyish. Those fashion brands represent a compromise between haute couture – Chanel, Dior… – and cheap / trendy fashion brands such as Zara or H&M. They are made for fashion lovers who are ready to spend money to get quality clothes, but can’t afford haute couture brands.

All of these French fashion brands opened stores outside France. They are sold by fashion retailers everywhere (both in stores / online).

The most famous French clothing brand names :