Gat Rimon clothing

Gat Rimon is a French clothing brand that was created in 2003 by Stéfanie Mardokh, Cynthia Pariente et Yaël Benhinhi. The brand was named after Gat Rimon Square in Tel Aviv, Israel.


In september 2003, the girls started giving their old clothes a new life, transforming Levi’s 501 to skirts and customizing evening gowns. Their clothing lines gradually improved. Stéphanie Mardokh became the main stylist of Gat Rimon, Yaël Benhini took charge of the commercial part, and Cynthia Pariente dealt with sales.

Gat Rimon Clothing brand creators say that what makes Gat Rimon different from other fashion brands is the will to maintain reasonable prices. They aim at enabling fashionistas to renew their wardrobes on a regular basis, whenever they want to, which implies mid-range prices. In the end, Gat Rimon clothing is not cheap, but it is less pricey that a lot of French designer brands. The shirts are about 80 euros (roughly 110 dollars) and the dresses are about 100-150 euros.

The brand aims to reach a large audience : women from 20 to 55. In spring/summer, most clothes are made from cotton and silk. In automn/winter, the clothing collections are mostly made from whool and leather.

gat-rimon-clothing gat-rimon-clothing gat-rimon-clothing

What I personally like about Gat Rimon clothing is that the materials the clothes are made of are always pleasant and comfy. Gat Rimon clothes are not that expensive considering the quality of the products. All the stylism is made in France. Part of the collection is produced in China. Some clothes are made in Italy, India, France and Tunisia.

Where to buy Gat Rimon clothing

If you consider buying Gat Rimon clothes, and want to know where you can buy Gat Rimon, please visit the « French Clothing Stores » section of the website.

Depending on the country you live in, I’ll provide full information on how to buy Gat Rimon online and where the brand is distributed in stores all over the world.


gat-rimon-clothing gat-rimon-clothing gat-rimon-clothing