Le Mont St Michel clothing


In 1913, le Mont St Michel clothing brand was a clothing company specialized in converalls, located a few miles away from Le Mont Saint Michel, Normandy, France. In 1919, Caroline Lesaffre created les Tricotages de l’Aa, a mesh factory, which was also a school for young women whose fathers, brothers and husbands hadn’t returned from the First World War.

In 1964, Patrice Milan, Caroline Lesaffre’s grandson, started make Le Mont Saint Michel thrive, by installing high-performance knitting machine in the clothing factory. Nowadays, les Tricotages de l’Aa is still a thriving company : it manufactures clothes for well-known French fashion designers such as Gérard Darel and Agnès B.


In 2001, Alexandre Milan bought the tradename « Le Mont Saint Michel » and launched a first sweatshirt collection. He gradually added more and more different types of clothes to his collections : dresses, shirts, skirts, coats…

Le Mont Saint Michel clothing brand blends vintage with rock and retro. The label builds on its knitwear traditional know-how with a preppy-retro look. The brand has become a mix between clothing brand American Vintage (simple clothes mostly made from cotton), and Zadig-et-Voltaire, with a hint of preppy, à la Claudie Pierlot.

Le Mont Saint Michel clothing brand still produces a large chunk of its clothes in France.

Le Mont Saint Michel clothes can be found in more than 15 countries (namely US, Japan, and most European countries).

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