Sessun clothing

Sessun is a French clothing brand. It was created in the 1990′s by Emma François, a student in Anthropology, who used to travel to South America on a regular basis. She started designing her own clothe collections in South America. At the time, all the clothing were made in South America. Whenever she went back to France, she would try and sell her clothing collections to French fashion stores.



The very first Sessun clothing collection was entirely made of cotton. The second collection was made of alpaca. They immediately got huge success. From the beginning of Sessun clothing creation, the brand was immediately a Hit. Emma got orders from retailers all over the world, including Japan.

In 1995, Emma went back to France and settled in Marseille, Southern France. She decided to devote to stylism and stop university. She also decided to give work to local craftsmen and stop making Sessun clothing in South America. It was also a lot easier for her to be able to control the quality and making of the clothing. Since 1998, almost all Sessun clothes have been made in France. Only a few items have been made in Italy and North Africa.


Sessun has become a trendy fashion brand. Sessun leather bags and shoes have become quite popular. Fifteen years after its launch, Sessun continues to grow in line with its inspiration.

Over the last ten years or so, this young casual label, minimalist but never simple, has won over the big players in the fashion market and is now distributed worldwide + at the French department stores, Galeries Lafayette and Printemps.

Where to buy Sessun clothing ?

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Depending on the country you live in, I’ll provide full information on how to buy Sessun online and where the brand is distributed in stores all over the world.